Our Services 

Our Services 

You can discover more about our signature services moving seniors, house moves, and house clearance here

Our other services complement and support these: 

Downsizing & Decluttering 

Your house will hold memories, particularly when you have lived there for a long time. 
Every ornament and piece of furniture can hold many precious memories, something we understand. A home can become like a family history – and downsizing, decluttering can feel overwhelming and heart wrenching. 
Downsizing to a smaller home means reducing the number of possessions you own, which often means parting with treasured items that are special to you. We do everything we can to help make this process as painless as possible. We can help with items you wish to sell [insert link to Auctions & Disposals], whether through an auction house or on-line, or donate / dispose of other items in an eco-friendly way for you. 

Packing Services 

At Home Care Removals we use only the best quality materials in the industry to pack and protect your possessions 
If you wish to pack your items yourself, we can supply the packaging materials: 
Boxes – double walled and made from a minimum of 70% recycled material (the remainder is FSC sourced and certified). All boxes can be recycled after use. 
Paper – robust but flexible for things like crockery and ornaments, made from a minimum of 70% recycled material (the remainder is FSC sourced and certified). All paper can be recycled after use. 
Acid-free paper - for paintings and pictures (as above) 
Tape – brown and white (‘fragile’) polypropylene tape, both recyclable 
Covers – Mattress protectors for storage or transportation 
Hanging wardrobe boxes 
Bubble wrap - includes a minimum of 30% recycled material and can be recycled as plastic or mixed-plastic material 

Probate Valuations 

Probate valuations – also referred to as chattels valuations - can be very difficult emotionally and we understand that you may never have had to do anything like it before. 
We always carry out probate valuations sympathetically and with respect and are used to working directly with both solicitors and private clients. 
We are experts in searching for and identifying items that may have been misplaced, lost, or simply forgotten about. We work closely with specialists in many fields to ensure the correct valuation is applied to your loved one’s treasures. 
We are also able to offer an independent valuation service to verify the value of possessions that may have already been valued. This will help a seller and a buyer come to an agreement on price. 
Possessions (chattels) we value for probate: 
General household goods and possessions 
Antique furniture 
Glass and ceramics 
Clocks and watches 
Works of art including paintings, statues, and sculptures 
Precious metals and stones 


You may need short- or long-term storage options depending on your plans. We can advise on or arrange secure and reasonably-priced storage options in the local area for you. 


Whether you just want to leave your home in perfect condition for its new inhabitants or need a full clean after a house clearance in anticipation of a sale, we can help. We can arrange for every level of service you need. 

Auctions & Disposals 

Whether you have items for sale or disposal resulting from decluttering and downsizing or as the result of probate valuations, we can organise for these items to be dealt with appropriately. 
We can arrange: 
Auctions – we can arrange the auctioneer to visit your property and deliver items to the auction house 
Online sales – we can upload items to the relevant sites 
Donations – we can use your nominated charity or one or more of ours 
Rubbish and recycling – we can remove rubbish and recycle it in an environmentally friendly way 

International Shipping 

House clearance, decluttering, and downsizing often leads to items being distributed amongst friends and relatives, not all of whom may be in the UK. We can organise international shipping and complete all the customs documentation for any items that need to go overseas. 

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