Moving to a new house is a stressful experience at the best of times. But when you’re moving a senior parent or relative from one home to another, or an older person trying to organise their own house move, it gets even more complicated. A lot of people may be tempted to take on the moving process themselves – thinking it will save them time and money in the long run. While this might be a practical option, it’s often more complicated than you bargained for, and can end up with a lot of unforeseen complications. But there is another way to help the elderly move, without all the hassle and stress – hire a professional to help you. Senior moving companies (like Home Care Removals) spend their time supporting elderly people and their families through the process of moving – whether that’s to a new, smaller home, in with their children or into assisted living. If you’re not sure how using a senior moving company works, or what you would get from it, we have a few tips for you.

Eliminate the Stress

Moving house is considered one of the most stressful situations in life, just below marriage, divorce, job loss and major illness. And that’s when you’re young, fit and healthy. When you’re getting older, moving to a new house can become an even bigger stress point and a much bigger disruption of your routine. Moving to a new house gets harder as you get older, especially when you need to start downsizing and decluttering. Trying to manage all of that yourself means the process will take longer, things may get forgotten and you may end up feeling much worse for wear at the end. But if you work with a senior moving company, most of that stress is taken away. A senior moving company like us will work with you to create a stress-free moving experience, from planning what day you move, to helping you pack and downsize, loading and transporting your belongings and even unpacking them into your new home. So, the moving process becomes as simple as locking one door and unlocking a new one at the other end.

Downsize in Dignity

Downsizing is never an easy job, whether you’re a senior on your own, with a partner, or with family members on hand to help you out. Deciding what you want to keep and what you’d like to give away is a difficult and sometimes emotional process, especially if you have lived in your home for decades or more, building memories as you go. Downsizing is never an easy decision, but there are ways of making it an easier process to manage. Senior moving companies like us can provide you with a plan to tackle the daunting task of downsizing. We will sit with you and understand your new environment, plan what can be taken with you, and help you move other possessions to family, friends and loved ones. We will also help you with any selling, donating or recycling that needs doing.

With a senior moving company, you’re using movers who acknowledge and appreciate the lifetime of possessions in your home and what they mean to you. Our movers treat your home like they would their own and take the time to go through everything with you personally, helping you downsize with dignity.

Solve Problems You Never Predicted

Moving isn’t a simple process, no matter how much we want it to be. Even if you’ve planned everything out, problems will crop up all the time. From furniture not fitting through doorways to not being able to bring that sentimental collection of teapots from a 5,000 square foot home to a 500 square foot retirement apartment. Anything and everything can happen in a house move. These issues can quickly snowball with the stress of moving and can sometimes feel unsolvable in the moment. This can lead to a lot of upset and regret in the years to come. But with a senior moving company, you have a team of creative problem solvers on your team, helping you find workarounds and solutions for those issues you didn’t know would come up. Whether that’s lifting a sofa in through a window instead of a door or taking photos of all those teapots and producing a framed poster for you, so that your teapots are still in your home, even when they’re in storage. There really is no problem too big or too small for us to handle.

At Home Care Removals we believe the moving process should be easy and stress-free, no matter what age you are or stage of life you’re in. We offer a full, comprehensive senior moving service that starts with advice on the best way to approach the move, support in downsizing and decluttering if needed, removal, recycling of unwanted items or charity donations, before we careful move your belongings into your new home. We can even help you unpack when you get there, so you have the support, guidance and help you need through the entire process from beginning to end. To find out more, just get in touch with the team today.

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